Three Benefits of Hiring Locum Tenens Professionals

With so many talent shortages in the healthcare industry, medical facilities of all sizes must explore different hiring options for maintaining proper staffing levels. If your organization is currently undergoing vacancies or staffing transitions, there’s a significant benefit to using part-time locum tenens physicians to provide support and fill vacancies where needed.

Whether you’re experiencing a serious labor gap or simply in need of some additional staffing support, here are three top reasons to hire locum tenens pros:

Maintain high-quality patient care. Often when labor shortages occur at your organizations, patient care is compromised. Employing locum tenens physicians at your facility will ensure you’re continuing to provide the highest-quality patient care and certify your team is equipped to handle a full case load. Locum tenens workers will support your existing staff by relieving full-time physicians of administrative tasks and responsibilities, allowing them to focus solely on patients’ needs. This factor alone makes locums workers instrumental in ensuring the most optimal patient health and satisfaction outcomes.

Save money. In addition to the benefits above, locum tenens employees are a very cost-effective option for many healthcare organizations. Because locum tenens physicians are temporary workers, you are not required to pay them full-time salaries or benefits packages – saving your company staggering amounts of money over time.

“Test drive” candidates before offering full-time employment. It can be extremely costly to make hiring mistakes and employing locum tenens pros gives you the opportunity to “test drive” candidates who could potentially become full-time employees. Locum tenens workers tend to have smooth transitions into full-time roles, as they have already meshed with the team and learned the ropes of the facility.

As outlined above, there are many great benefits of filling hiring needs with locum tenens professionals. Are you ready to build a partnership with an experienced locum tenens staffing firm? Get in touch today with MPLT Healthcare (formerly MedPartners Locum Tenens) and let us bring your team to the next level!