Top 3 Reasons Why Locum Tenens Providers Excel in Telehealth

As telehealth services become more prevalent in healthcare facilities across the U.S., there’s a growing demand for locum tenens providers to step into these roles. Providers in various medical specialties are being sought after to fill telehealth positions, especially as virtual care has become increasingly mainstream. Several factors contribute to why locum tenens providers are able to fulfill these roles with ease and competence. Here are the top three reasons why they are well-suited telehealth positions:

1. Flexibility and Experience

Locum tenens providers bring a high degree of flexibility and a wealth of experience to their work, due to the fact that they have operated in diverse locations and environments. This adaptability allows them to seamlessly provide both virtual and onsite care—catering to the needs and demographics of different facilities and patient population. In many cases, locum tenens providers have the ability to provide a mix of both telehealth services and onsite services, easily transitioning to both types of care during the course of an assignment.

2. Array of Medical Specialties

With locum tenens providers boasting various medical backgrounds, they can perform telehealth services across a wide spectrum of healthcare settings, from small clinics and large hospitals. Spanning outpatient and inpatient specialties, such as neurology, cardiology, and oncology, many providers often hold multiple state licenses, allowing them to meet the requirements of various telehealth staffing positions.

3. Geographical Range

As mentioned before, thanks to their multiple state licenses, locum tenens providers can deliver telehealth services to patients nationwide without having to physically travel. Provided they are fully licensed in both the state in which they are working and the patient’s current state, they can legally conduct telehealth visits. Many locum tenens providers enjoy providing care to patients around the country, all from the convinced of their own homes.

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