Benefits of Locum Tenens Work at a Rural Hospital

Are you feeling stunted or uninspired in your current physician role? It may be time to pursue locum tenens work! Locum tenens assignments can be one of the best ways to break free of your routine, earn more money, and change your lifestyle for the better. If you choose to embark on locum tenens assignments, you may be surprised to learn that working at a rural hospital comes with many benefits, including the following:   

Greater flexibility with assignment length. Because of the increasing demand for physicians at rural hospitals, locum tenens assignments in rural settings often afford greater flexibility with assignments. Many locum tenens physicians may opt to work as little as one shift per weekend in a rural setting, while others may choose a three or six-month assignment to fill in for an unexpected vacancy. If you open yourself up to locum tenens jobs in rural areas, you’ll likely have more flexibility to choose the duration of your assignments, making a schedule that works best for your schedule and personal needs.  

Experience with diverse patient population. Expanding your horizons to rural healthcare settings is bound to give you a much broader locum tenens experience, mostly because of the exposure you’ll have with a diverse group of patients. In many cases, the patient clientele in rural areas consists of an underserved population that’s in need of higher quality care. Being able to work with patients most in need can be a fulfilling experience, giving you more perspective on how to treat patients with varying degrees of needs and medical conditions.  

Improved quality of life. Many physicians opt to take on locum tenens assignments to achieve a better work-life balance, which working in rural settings certainly affords. In addition to the flexibility and travel opportunities that come with all locum tenens work, rural locum tenens assignments can offer an elevated quality of life for physicians looking for less stress and a slower pace of lifeBecause you’ll have a far lesser commute to workthis will result in less time on the road and more time at home rather than being stuck in rush hour traffic. Additionally, rural areas generally offer a lower cost of living, allowing you to save more money and enjoy a higher quality of life.   

If you’re looking for a new adventure, a rural locum tenens assignment may be just what you need to grow your career in the most rewarding and meaningful way.  

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