Benefits of Offering Telemedicine at Your Healthcare Facility

Benefits of Telemedicine

Is your healthcare facility currently undergoing major changes? With the growing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the healthcare system at large, it’s become essential that facilities of all types implement alternative ways of treating patients that are both safe and cost-effective. 

From improving bottom-line financials to enhancing patient care, here are three of the main benefits of investing in telemedicine:  

Lower patient volume.

Telemedicine is one of the most powerful ways to reduce non-urgent visits, and therefore, lower patient volume. By leveraging advanced technology platforms, telemedicine allows facilities to deliver high-quality patient care without requiring in-person patient visits in many cases. This is not only a more convenient option for patients with non-urgent medical conditions but is instrumental in ensuring that critical patient needs are met with a greater degree of attention. Over time, this shift will result in improved patient care and treatment outcomes, as medical care and resources will be used in the most efficient ways possible.

Reduced costs.

In terms of financial benefits, telemedicine plays a major role in reducing facilities’ costs while improving access and quality of care. One reason for the cost-savings is reduced overhead expenses, such as lower costs associated with administrative labor, exam rooms and medical equipment. A positive financial impact may also be reflected by having an additional revenue stream, as telemedicine often allows facilities to increase patient caseloads and expand practice areas.  

Greater patient satisfaction.

With patient satisfaction being one of the biggest drivers of a facility’s success, telemedicine can significantly improve the patient experience. First, telemedicine allows patients to receive quality care from the privacy and comfort of their own home, reducing their risk of exposure to infection. Second, telemedicine offers a convenient option for patients, freeing them from having to arrange childcare or take time off from work to attend an in-person appointment. Between safety and accessibility, patients will appreciate having the option to receive care by their providers through virtual means.

These factors, among many others, highlight the importance of integrating telemedicine within patient care offerings. As your facility continues to evolve, putting telemedicine at the forefront will help both your patients and providers make the shift from in-person visits to virtual visits and screenings.

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