Breaking the Myth: Locum Tenens Professionals Don’t Lack Qualifications or Experience

Locum Tenens Myths

With so many myths surrounding locum tenens jobs, it’s no wonder many healthcare professionals and organizations are confused by the idea of locum tenens. Some facilities are hesitant to invest in locum tenens labor, simply because they are uneducated about what to expect. As you look ahead at your staffing needs for the new year, it’s in your best interest to be well informed about the benefits of hiring locum tenens workers. First and foremost, you should know the facts behind locum tenens.

Let’s dispel three of the most common myths often associated with locum tenens professionals:

Locum tenens practice is geared toward semi-retired practitioners. Many organizations are under the impression that locum tenens physicians are semi-retired and focused on phasing out of their careers. This myth often leads employers to believe these workers would not be as fully invested or committed to their organizations. While locum tenens may certainly be an appealing career option for approaching retirees, it is certainly not limited to this demographic! Locum tenens work attracts physicians in all stages of their careers – from those just finishing their residencies to those in their mid-careers or nearing retirement. Therefore, the belief that locum tenens physicians are of a certain age or career status could not be further from the truth!

Locum tenens practitioners tend to be inexperienced. The opposite of this statement is true. The majority of locum tenens practitioners happen to have a significant amount of healthcare experience, with many of them having worked in several types of practice facilities. Locum tenens workers also tend to have experience working with a variety of physicians and support staff, making them highly adaptable and able to adjust to new co-workers and medical environments. Therefore, you do not have to worry about your performance or employee morale being compromised by locum tenens staff.

Locum tenens practitioners have no permanent potential. Many organizations view locum tenens physicians solely as temporary workers, when in fact, they have the potential to become permanent full-time employees! Facilities can actually “test drive” locum tenens workers to see if they’d be a good fit for internal positions – before making a commitment to hire them in this capacity. Rather than view locum tenens workers as temps, consider it an opportunity to evaluate their performance and potential to work permanently at your facility in the future.

Being aware of the facts outlined above will help open your eyes to the many benefits of locum tenens talent. Most importantly, you will understand the impactful role locum tenens workers can have on your staffing needs.

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