Why Choose Locum Tenens?

Locum Tenens Travel

Take Charge of Your Time

Locum tenens is an attractive option for a number of reasons. As a flexible alternative to traditional practice, locum tenens offers physicians the chance to manage their own schedules. This can allow for extra time with family, a break for travel, time to pursue hobbies and experiences, and much more.

Many physicians who feel disillusioned by the ACA and the lack of control over their schedules see locum tenens as a way to get back to what they loved about medicine in the first place; putting patient care first and foremost and going where the need is greatest.

In the same vein, locum work may also be a solution to burnout for some physicians. This physical and emotional exhaustion has become rampant in modern medical settings and has been well documented by respected organizations such as the American Medical Association, Mayo Clinic and The Journal of the American Medical Association. Locum tenens may be the perfect solution for physicians looking for a different lifestyle.

Locum tenens work has become a more popular alternative to the traditional practice or facility career because the flexible schedule can allow more time for rest and outside activities. Working through MPLT Healthcare eases the process of getting into locum tenens work because we provide highly skilled recruiters to help match physicians to the positions that are right for them.

In addition to these reasons, sometimes a physician has to take time off due to parenthood, a medical issue, or a family situation. Locum tenens can offer the opportunity to ease back into practice after being away from work for an extended time while allowing for a flexible, easier transition.

Have New Experiences

Locum work can give physicians the freedom to travel to new locales as they serve facilities in various parts of the country. Even if staying close to home, locum tenens physicians get to experience new facilities, a variety of hospital and practice settings, meet people and network, and learn new things as they move to different positions.

Working as a locum can also afford other opportunities for new experiences such as the chance to ease into other specialties, perhaps before deciding to switch permanently. For retired or semi-retired physicians, locum tenens work can be a great way to stay active, stave off boredom, or earn additional income without returning to a permanent position.

A Chance to Give Back

Locum tenens positions occasionally include facilities in rural and underserved areas. These positions may be hard to fill due to location or other factors in the community. Working as a locum, many physicians are able to help alleviate these needs on a temporary assignment without the burden of moving to a location they may not want to live in permanently. Many people find that taking the time to help these communities is quite fulfilling, as they are able to serve where they are truly needed.