How to Convey Your Drive as a Healthcare Professional

Locum Tenens Job Interviews

Are you seeking locum tenens employment, but struggling to land any jobs? If you’re in the market for locum tenens work, it’s imperative you know how to effectively convey your drive as a healthcare professional. Healthcare facilities seeking locum tenens workers are often looking for highly qualified candidates who can mesh well with their existing teams and serve as a contributing member of their medical unit. Going beyond your resume to convey your drive and ambition as a healthcare professional is key to standing out from the competition and communicating your value to employers. If it’s been a while since you’ve gone on interviews, here are some tips for showcasing your unique talents and abilities.

Explain why you’ve chosen locum tenens work. While it’s tempting to focus on your qualifications, such as your education and experience, make an effort to discuss your career goals and why you’ve chosen locum tenens as part of your path. Because locum tenens jobs are temporary by nature, employers want to make sure they’re hiring providers who will be fully committed to their roles – even though they aren’t permanent positions. Explaining why you’ve chosen to pursue locum tenens as part of your career is one of the best ways to show your commitment to the field. For example, are you taking on locum tenens work so you can learn from more healthcare professionals and increase your caseload? Are you excited at the opportunity to improve your skills and work with new teams? Expressing your enthusiasm will demonstrate to employers that you’re seeking a valuable career experience at their facility, rather than just a temporary paycheck.

Discuss your professional certifications. When discussing your credentials, go beyond your degrees and provide a detailed overview of your advanced professional certifications. Explaining to employers how you’ve taken the time to learn new skills and expand your knowledgebase will show them you’re invested in your own professional growth and development. Many employers will look highly at this quality, as it indicates your drive to perform at your greatest ability.

Showcase your soft skills. While there are many technical abilities required for any healthcare job, having a strong set of soft skills is equally important for making yourself a competitive candidate in the locum tenens talent pool. Some of the most highly sought-after soft skills include interpersonal communication, teamwork and emotional intelligence. In addition to explaining how you apply these soft skills in the workplace, emphasize your attention to patient care and your approach to teamwork on solving problems on the job.

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