Does Locum Tenens Work Provide Job Security?

Have you considered becoming a locum tenens provider, but have second thoughts about whether this career path will afford you an adequate sense of job security? While there are many misconceptions out there, locum tenens work does indeed offer job security to professionals who consistently take on assignments in the healthcare field. Here are some of the main reasons why locum tenens work can provide reliable job security:

Ample opportunities.

Now more than ever, there are countless locum tenens job opportunities available within all types of healthcare facilities and areas of medicine. From small clinics to large hospitals, locum tenens providers tend to have their pick when it comes to choosing where they’d like to work. Additionally, locum tenens jobs are prevalent throughout the U.S., giving healthcare providers the ability to work in cities or regions that align with their personal and professional goals. Because of these ample opportunities, locum tenens providers are consistently in-demand and therefore enjoy reliable job security.

Competitive pay.

Many locum tenens providers command extremely competitive pay based on education and experience, especially in higher-demand areas of healthcare such as emergency medicine or cardiology. Because of the growing need for locum tenens providers in various medical specialties, healthcare facilities are willing to pay very high rates to maintain staffing levels, address patient volume needs, and ease provider burnout. In many instances, providers can also work with their staffing firms on negotiating higher pay based on their resume or advanced credentials, giving them the upper hand when it comes to maintaining job security on a financial level.


The freedom and flexibility afforded by locum tenens work are some of its most appealing aspects, as well as what makes it a sustainable form of job security. Because locum tenens providers can take time off as needed while still taking on assignments steadily throughout the year, they can achieve a healthy work-life balance without becoming burned out. Locum tenens providers’ ability to take personal time according to their own needs without the scheduling pressures of a permanent role enables them to work more efficiently, ultimately increasing their overall job security.

If you’re a healthcare professional looking for new work opportunities, pursuing a locum tenens career can offer job security along with a many other appealing benefits.

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