Employee Spotlight: Alyssa Ellis

Meet Alyssa Ellis, Credentialing Specialist at MPLT Healthcare!

Alyssa Ellis

When did you start working at MPLT Healthcare?

February 2, 2015

What specialties do you manage?


Brief summary of your own skills and/or specialties:

Experienced in Adobe and Microsoft programs, always willing to assist, and great at problem solving.

What is an interesting/fun fact we would be surprised to learn about you?

I love camping, being outdoors, and 80’s music.

What is your best work memory?

The time I first traveled to Florida to meet my coworkers and the afternoon we spent team-building.

What makes working at MPLT Healthcare different from any company you’ve ever worked for?

MPLT Healthcare encourages the importance of teamwork and gives me the drive to become better at what I do.

What core value (Be the Best, Understand the Urgency, Never Ever Give Up, Have the Courage to Excel or Make A Contribution) do you relate to most, and why?

I believe “Have the Courage to Excel” incorporates all of our core values. Oftentimes in credentialing, we have to make urgent requests or find an alternate route to success after hitting a dead end. We are constantly problem solving and we push ourselves to make sure our providers obtain privilege approval.


Working at MPLT Healthcare

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