Enhancing the Onboarding Process for Advanced Practice Providers

At most healthcare facilities, advanced practice providers (APPs) play a critical role in supporting physicians in the delivery of patient care, especially as physician shortages pose major staffing challenges. As an employer, investing in a comprehensive onboarding process for APPs can improve job satisfaction for your staff, as well as the quality of patient care delivered on a regular basis. As you welcome APPs to your practice, here are some onboarding techniques for successful integration:

Thorough Orientation

As APPs begin their roles, it’s important to provide a complete orientation by educating them about your facility, culture, and approach to both workflow and patient care. This will ensure that they are knowledgeable about your facility’s practices and protocols, enabling them to develop a clear understanding of what’s expected of them as they join your team. The orientation process essentially serves as a provider’s first impression of your company; therefore, it presents an ideal time to introduce new physicians to your team members and allow them to become acclimated to your culture.

Team Meetings

You can engage APPs by including them in daily or weekly team meetings. This provides the opportunity to introduce them to your facility’s staff beyond just their immediate colleagues and get them acquainted with your work culture in a productive and organic way. Encouraging APPs to ask questions and contribute to meeting conversations will promote collaboration amongst everybody, allowing your teams to establish shared goals for current and future practice needs.

Value Recognition

Everybody likes recognition in the workplace, and APPs are no different. During onboarding, it’s important to recognize the value that these providers bring to your organization. Publicly expressing gratitude towards your new APPs will demonstrate your commitment to their success within your facility – ultimately having a direct effect on your facility’s morale. From an improved bottom line to an elevated culture, recognizing the value of APPs can significantly enhance your onboarding process for everybody involved.

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