Facing Serious Provider Burnout in Your Healthcare Facilities?

Fighting Burnout with Locum Tenens Staff

It comes as no surprise that burnout is a major issue in the healthcare field, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact staffing levels. Facilities that make adequate staffing a top priority will be most likely to maintain a strong workforce while keeping patient satisfaction high. If physicians and advanced practice providers at your facility are experiencing burnout and even quitting, it’s time for your leadership team to make some changes. One of the most viable solutions to burnout is the implementation of locum tenens providers to supplement your staffing levels. Here are some of the reasons why bringing locum tenens providers on board can combat burnout among your staff and make your facility more productive:

Greater efficiency. 

When locum tenens providers are integrated with your team, your full-time staff will be able to better perform their jobs without being overburdened due to staffing shortages. Utilizing a locum tenens agency to augment your workforce can result in greater efficiency on many levels, including faster hiring, expanded availability of specialized physicians and advanced practice providers, and higher patient volume capacity. Depending on your facility’s challenges, utilizing locum tenens providers can provide a solution to many common efficiency problems and help keep patient satisfaction high as patients can continue to be seen in a timely manner.

Better patient care.

When your staff members are feeling burned out, there’s no question that patient care can suffer due to longer wait times and other factors. With locum tenens providers filling necessary staffing gaps, the level of care will not be negatively affected, and your patients will feel they are being given the proper treatment and attention for their medical conditions. Because of this direct impact on patient care, locum tenens providers can have significant long-term effects on the trajectory of patient satisfaction and retention, and therefore, your facility’s bottom line.

Workforce stability. 

By employing a steady stream of locum tenens providers when needed throughout the year, your facility will ultimately experience greater workforce stability. This is because your full-time staff will be properly supported in their roles - even when unexpected vacancies occur. This can have many benefits for your organization, including improved employee retention and hiring outcomes, as well as elevated morale among all staff thanks to greater stability in staffing numbers. Staff that feel they have enough support and are able to take necessary time to rest and recover are less likely to experience burnout, so ensuring that your facility has the right support in place through locum tenens staffing is essential to fighting burnout.

There are numerous benefits of hiring locum tenens providers for your facility, especially as the COVID-19 pandemic creates uncertainty in the coming months. Supplementing your permanent staff with locum tenens providers can help your staff stay fresh and focused on patient care.

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