The Financial Benefits of Locum Tenens Work

Locum Tenens Financial Benefits

If you’re a healthcare professional, chances are you entered the medical field expecting to work a standard, full-time job. However, what you may not have considered is a locum tenens career. Many healthcare professionals fit part-time locum tenens assignments into their busy schedules, while others decide to make locum tenens work their full-time career. No matter your situation or career preference, locum tenens assignments can be very lucrative for healthcare pros in all types of specializations and focus areas.

Here are some of the reasons why locum tenens can offer great financial benefits:

Get paid to travel

Many locum tenens physicians think of their assignments as an all-expenses paid vacation. This is because you’ll have the opportunity to travel somewhere new while having all your main living expenses covered, including housing, transportation and travel costs. Depending on the length of your assignment and other logistics as determined by your staffing agency, you’ll be placed either in a hotel or apartment.

Supplement your income

Many healthcare pros enjoy locum tenens work to supplement their income as they work their full-time job. This can be a great option for recent medical school graduates who need to pay off overwhelming amounts of student loan debt. Even just a couple locum tenens shifts each month can provide a great supplemental paycheck.

Financial freedom

To an extent, locum tenens work offers a great deal of freedom from a financial standpoint. This is because locum tenens workers are in full control of where and when they’d like to work, putting them in the driver’s seat to choose how much money they’d like to earn any given year. As a locum tenens physician, you accept which contracts and assignments are most suitable to your preferences.

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