How Can You Find Great Locum Tenens Opportunities?

Locum Tenens Opportunities

Are you feeling bored or stifled in your current job? As a physician, you may be aware of locum tenens jobs, but have avoided taking the next step to finding opportunities that align with your career goals. Unfortunately, many physicians lack the guidance or resources to find locum tenens employment, often leaving them uninformed about how to pursue this career avenue.

The good news is that you no longer have to feel left in the dark about locum tenens employment! Here are some top strategies for discovering great locum tenens opportunities across the nation:

Tap into your network. If you’ve been working in the healthcare field for at least a couple years, chances are you’ve developed a vast network of professional contacts both in person and online. Taking some time to speak with trusted colleagues about locum tenens jobs can help you learn more about this career path and how you can gain access to the best opportunities. Many times, colleagues can provide valuable advice about their own past locum tenens experiences and give you their recommendations about how to best go about the process.

Join professional healthcare organizations. One of the best ways to keep yourself informed about locum tenens opportunities is to join relevant professional organizations, such as The National Association of Locum Tenens Organizations (NALTO). These types of groups offer access to the latest job opportunities and news, as well as networking and professional development events. As a member, you’ll become more acquainted with the many facets of a locum tenens career and stay on the cutting edge of the latest industry trends.

Partner with a specialized recruiter. As your research your options, the most impactful way to accelerate your locum tenens career is by partnering with a credible, trusted recruiter. By working with a staffing agency, you’ll gain exposure to many types of locum tenens jobs based on your personal and professional preferences. Most importantly, you’ll receive comprehensive guidance by your recruiter throughout the entire application and interview process!

Is a locum tenens career on the horizon? The talented MPLT Healthcare (formerly MedPartners Locum Tenens) team can connect you to many new and exciting locum tenens jobs!