Finishing Your Residency? Consider Locum Tenens!

Locum Tenens After Residency

Finishing your residency and looking for full-time employment? Not so fast! While you may be anxious to land a full-time permanent position as a doctor, there are many benefits for exploring locum tenens work. If you’re in the process of completing your residency, here are just a few of the reasons to consider locum tenens as your next career move:

Travel the U.S. Many physicians just starting their careers are often unsure of where they’d like to live and establish their careers. Locum tenens assignments give you the opportunity to work in several different cities or towns throughout the year, as you’ll have placements throughout the country. By working as a doctor in a locum tenens capacity, you’ll be able to explore different geographic areas and healthcare facilities before deciding on where you’d like to live and work permanently.

Explore various medical specialties. Upon graduating with your degree, chances are you’re feeling eager to “get your feet wet” and start working in the field. However, you may be conflicted about what medical specialty to pursue due to lack of work experience. Working in locum tenens jobs exposes you to many types of medical specialties, and most importantly, allows you to learn directly from experienced professionals in the field. Getting such diverse experience will help you determine which medical path you prefer most, as well as your strengths and weaknesses.

Enjoy flexibility. Who doesn’t enjoy a flexible work schedule, especially after undergoing a rigorous residency? A locum tenens career affords wonderful flexibility for both young and older healthcare pros who want to plan their work schedule around personal commitments, such as a family vacation or trip to Europe. Having the ability to take assignments only during certain parts of the year is one of the most appealing benefits of locum tenens work for recent grads.

Just finishing your residency?

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