Fitting in During a Locum Tenens Assignment

Fitting in During a Locum Tenens Assignment

There's no doubt that working as a locum tenens provider can be a much different experience than working as a full-time member of a healthcare team. If you sometimes feel like you don't quite fit in, there are steps you can take to better mesh with other team members during assignments and enhance your personal job satisfaction as a locum tenens professional.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin each new locum tenens opportunity:

Practice adaptability

One of the most important traits in a successful locum tenens professional is adaptability. Being adaptable - such as exemplifying a willingness to switch gears in supporting full-time staff as patient needs evolve - will show you're a team player and committed to the facility that you're serving. Members of your team will take note of your dedication to consistently assisting them in providing the best care and attention to patients. This is a surefire way to strengthen relationships with coworkers and earn a reputation as someone the team can depend on no matter what. Adaptability certainly comes into play in other aspects of locum tenens work as well. Being ready to travel and take on new challenges requires a certain amount of flexibility by nature, so people who enjoy that type of challenge are good fit for the locum tenens lifestyle. Demonstrating your ability to face new challenges will be an asset as you work to mesh with your temporary team members.

Make learning a priority

One of the most incredible aspects of locum tenens work is the opportunity to learn directly from so many diverse, seasoned professionals in the healthcare industry. Making a habit of learning from mentors and even those in different departments can help you ingratiate yourself with others on the job while demonstrating a commitment to professional excellence at the facility. From asking questions to accepting constructive feedback in a positive way, having a "learning mindset" is one of the most attractive qualities of a locum tenens professional.

Bring a positive attitude

Though it's normal to feel a bit nervous when starting a new locum tenens job (especially in an unfamiliar city), embracing a positive attitude can make a major difference when it comes to acclimating yourself with others in your medical unit. No matter your experience or professional status, being approachable and friendly can go a long way in establishing connections with others on your assignments - many of which could become lifelong relationships. Above all, it's important to remember that you are essentially a "guest" in an entirely new facility. Having a respectful, positive attitude toward colleagues, staff, and patients will always be an asset when it comes to immersing yourself in each job.

As outlined above, your interpersonal skills can often make or break your ability to thrive in the locum tenens field. In addition to knowledge and expertise, bringing positivity and professionalism to the table during each assignment  will be paramount to achieving a fulfilling experience at every facility.

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