Looking for Flexible Locum Tenens Opportunities?

Locum Tenens Flexibility

Have you ever considered pursuing the type of career that allows you to call the shots? Working a locum tenens job allows you to accept work on a full-time or part-time basis as you prefer, as well as the freedom to control and manage your own work schedule. As an increasingly popular alternative option to traditional practice, locum tenens work offers physicians a wide range of flexibility to prosper.

Here are some of the reasons locum tenens is an attractive option for healthcare professionals:

  • Scheduling control. One of the most significant benefits of locum tenens work is the flexibility it affords you to design a work schedule that fits best with your lifestyle and personal commitments. The ability to choose when and where you’d like to work allows many locum tenens physicians more time to spend with family and friends, take a break for travel or pursue hobbies and experiences. In addition, it allows you to take time off due to other life circumstances such as parenthood, a medical condition or family situation.
  • Preventing burnout. Research conducted by the American Medical Association, Mayo Clinic and other prominent medical sources demonstrates that physicians often experience high degrees of physical and emotional exhaustion after working in stressful healthcare environments for long periods of time. Because of the flexible opportunities it offers, locum tenens is viewed by many as a solution to preventing burnout and maintaining a healthier lifestyle through work/life balance.
  • A rewarding career. After being in the industry for some time, some physicians may begin to resent the scheduling demands put upon them and become disconnected from their work. Because locum tenens affords the ability to choose your work circumstances, many physicians find this career option more rewarding and enjoy deciding how they’d like to spend their time and energy. Locum tenens allows you to put patient care first and work only in healthcare environments that are most fulfilling to you personally.

Working through MPLT Healthcare eases the process of getting into locum tenens work because we provide highly skilled recruiters to help match you to the positions that are right for you.

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