How Your Healthcare Facility Can Embrace Social Media

In today’s digital age, healthcare facilities are increasingly utilizing social media for marketing and promotional purposes. However, social media can serve a multitude of purposes for communicating with staff, elevating patient engagement, and growing your workforce. Here are three strategies for embracing social media for the benefit of your providers and patients alike:

Patient Education

With so many people turning to social media to research and learn about health and wellness matters, social media has become a major platform for patient education. Facilities that encourage their providers to post informational content on channels like Facebook or Instagram can offer valuable education to their patients. For example, some topics providers can discuss on social media may include nutrition, stress management, mental health awareness, and illness prevention. Incorporating informational content in your facility’s social media strategy will enhance your practice in the eyes of patients, positioning your organization as a resource for informative patient education.

Provider Community

Believe it or not, social media can aid in reducing burnout and stress within your full-time staff and even other healthcare providers. Through social media channels, you can create a shared dialogue and sense of online community amongst medical professionals, giving them an outlet to collaboratively share their ideas, insights, and accomplishments. Encouraging your providers to engage on social media in a positive and professional manner can help them find their voice among colleagues while boosting their credibility in their area of specialty or expertise.

Recruiting Talent

In many ways, social media can be an asset to your recruiting efforts. By highlighting your facility and its mission through engaging and vibrant content, you can attract top-quality candidates to your openings while showcasing your organization’s culture. Candidates often turn to employers’ social media channels before making the decision to apply for a position. By making social media a core part of your recruitment strategy, you’ll increase traffic to your job portal and generate more interest amongst prospective candidates.

Targeting both patients and providers with your social media initiatives is an effective two-pronged approach that can have a multitude of benefits for your healthcare organization.

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