Hidden Benefits of Working for a Locum Tenens Agency

Locum tenens provider with pediatric patient.

Have you avoided exploring locum tenens work because you have no idea where to start? It’s time to take a step back and open your eyes to the many resources available to you. The best part about the locum tenens field is that there are specialized recruiting agencies specifically trained to work with you on every step of the process – from finding assignments and getting credentialing done to making travel arrangements. Understanding the many hidden benefits that come along with working for a locum tenens firm may be just the incentive you need to embark on a locum tenens career path. Here are just some of the many benefits that await:

Financial advantages. Having the freedom of controlling your schedule as you would running your practice, but without the aggravation and stress, can be especially great for young physicians who haven’t built up their patient base yet or physicians who are considering retirement and want to slow things down a bit. Unlike having to run your practice and deal with insurance and overhead expenses, working with a locum tenens agency alleviates you of these types of financial burdens. Many locum tenens providers enjoy the flexibility assignments afford them without the hassle of having to take on financial responsibilities or put money back into a business. Most locum tenens agencies offer their employees comprehensive medical malpractice throughout the duration of assignments, along with the obvious perks of a competitive salary and paid housing and transportation.

Paperwork and credentialing assistance. Easily one of the most overlooked benefits of a locum tenens agency is the guidance they provide in the paperwork and credentialing process. With many healthcare facilities and states requiring special licenses and credentials, a locum tenens agency can provide invaluable assistance with helping you in the process of obtaining the proper licensure. The best locum tenens agencies have established strong relationships with credentialing departments and state licensing institutions across the country, making them well-equipped to assist with any questions or concerns you may have throughout this process.

Professional advancement. When you work with a trusted locum tenens agency, you can rest assured your recruiter will work hard to place you in assignments that align not only with your qualifications – but your career goals. Locum tenens jobs provide valuable opportunities for advancement in which you can grow your career by working in a variety of healthcare facilities and exploring many different medical specialties and practices. Recruiters often tap into their network of clients to find assignments that will allow you to hone your skills, expand your network and enhance your resume.

If you’re new to the locum tenens field, educating yourself about your options is the first step. You’ll soon discover how easy it is to work with a locum tenens agency in advancing your career goals!

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