Looking for Short-Term Emergency Medical Personnel?

Locum Tenens Emergency Physicians

Healthcare facilities are constantly in need of emergency medical personnel to fill short-term or temporary roles so growing patient care demands are met. Whether your organization is undergoing some financial constraints or simply needs more manpower, here are some of the key reasons to hire locum tenens personnel:

Increase your patient volume. In any emergency department, the more patients that can be treated safely and efficiently, the better your revenue will be. Hiring locum tenens emergency personnel will allow you to increase patient volume and fill labor shortage gaps when staffing is low. Your emergency department will also be better equipped to handle a large number of patients at any given time, helping to alleviate your permanent staff.

Prevent burnout. If your permanent staff are on the verge of burnout or are continually experiencing high degrees of stress, they’ll be likely to leave your organization and seek work elsewhere. Having locum tenens personnel on staff will help your full-time employees achieve a healthier work-life balance, as well as avoid scheduling conflicts and lighten the workload of your administrative staff.

Aid your local community. In the wake of a natural disaster or other type of catastrophic event in your community, your emergency department could potentially be flooded with hundreds of patients in critical condition. Having locum tenens workers on hand – especially if your facility is in a rural area – will allow you to treat patients as efficiently as possible and ensure the most optimal patient outcomes. Rather than having to call in extra help at the last minute or send patients to another healthcare facility, you’ll have sufficient manpower to handle the emergency needs of your community.

Are you seeking locum tenens workers?

MPLT Healthcare (formerly MedPartners Locum Tenens) can help you find the best locum tenens workers for your emergency department’s staffing needs.