Is It Time to Hire a Locum Tenens Provider?

Hiring a Locum Tenens Provider

As physician shortages worsen, many facilities are finding it difficult to manage increasing patient caseloads while upholding the highest standards of patient care. If your facility is experiencing challenges related to unbalanced staffing levels, employment gaps and decreased patient satisfaction, it may be time to consider hiring a locum tenens provider. Here are some of the ways a locum tenens provider can be instrumental to your healthcare organization’s operations and bottom line.

Temporary-to-permanent employment. Often healthcare facilities develop a need for a provider with a certain specialty, but struggle finding the best candidate. One of the best ways to screen and train a new worker – while helping them make the transition to a full-time role – is hiring them first in a locum tenens capacity. With a locum tenens assignment, candidates can acclimate themselves to your healthcare facility before entering a permanent role. More importantly, this gives you (as the employer) a chance to thoroughly observe how well the candidate fits within your workplace culture.

Reducing burnout. Employees on your team who feel overworked and overburdened with too much responsibility are likely to burn out and start seeking employment elsewhere. The worst part is that they’re likely to burn out during your most demanding times – such as the holiday season when many physicians take paid time off and staffing levels are down. Hiring a locum tenens provider to assist your team during busy times will help reduce employee burn out and improve job satisfaction of your entire staff.

Managing high patient volume. As patient volume goes up and your waiting room becomes more crowded, your staffing levels must increase to meet the needs of a greater case load. A locum tenens provider can add significant value in helping your team manage patient volume without compromising quality of patient care. You can plan to hire a locum tenens provider during the busiest times of the year when patient caseloads are at their highest, such as during flu season. This will allow you to plan staffing levels that are consistent with the demands of your unit on an as-needed basis.

Utilizing a locum tenens workforce can play an important role in the successful functioning of your organization, helping to ensure that optimal patient care is being delivered year-round. As you assess your staffing needs for 2019, it’s worth exploring how hiring locum tenens providers can help you better fulfill your organization’s long-term goals.

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