Hospitals Are Failing to Combat Physician Burnout. Here’s Why!

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have become more aware of the tremendous pressures faced by healthcare systems. It’s been widely documented that the quality of work-life balance among physicians has taken a major hit, resulting in many medical professionals retiring early or leaving the healthcare field entirely. Sadly, many hospitals are still failing to combat physician burnout and improve the quality of their work environments. Here are some of the reasons why physician burnout is on the rise – and what employers can do to reverse it:

Insufficient Staffing

Employers that do not proactively fulfill staffing needs are putting themselves at a major disadvantage in preventing physician burnout. The most effective staffing strategies involve supplementing your team with temporary staff as needed to support full-time physicians, ensuring that every department has enough help to fulfill patient care demands. Taking the steps to expand your care teams with locum tenens physicians and advanced practice providers ultimately alleviates many of the burdens placed upon your full-time staff.

Limited Telehealth

Facilities that don’t offer telehealth are unfortunately contributing to greater physician burnout. Offering physicians the ability to meet with patients virtually not only increases their productivity, but allows them to work both from remote locations and within remote populations. This is especially helpful for physicians who have limited transportation or mobility. While telemedicine isn’t always feasible in particular situations, incorporating a telehealth delivery model at your facility can reduce some of the stress providers often experience when juggling a hectic onsite schedule.

Inadequate Resources

Every healthcare facility should implement an unwavering commitment to their staff’s health and well-being. Whether it’s a designated leader who can provide resources to physicians or an internal wellness program designed to help physicians navigate career stress, it’s essential to have adequate resources readily available to all physicians. By providing guidance and support for healthcare providers, facilities can often address issues before physicians become burnt-out.

From expanding medical teams through a locum tenens staffing strategy to extending telehealth options, there are many solutions that healthcare employers can explore to prevent physician burnout.

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