How Long is a Locum Tenens Assignment?

How long is a locum tenens assignment?

Have you considered applying for locum tenens jobs, but are unsure what they entail? Locum tenens jobs function differently from full-time jobs, as they are temporary by nature and have varying assignment lengths. Educating yourself about the various types of assignments will be important as you embark on your locum tenens career. As a locum tenens provider, here are the types of assignments you can expect to see.

How Long is a Locum Tenens Assignment?

Weekly and monthly assignments

With locum tenens jobs, there’s no one size fits all. The duration of locum tenens assignments can vary, with some assignments lasting as little as two weeks and others as long as two months – depending on a facility’s needs. As a locum tenens provider, you can select the type of assignment that appeals most to you. For instance, a physician with a full-time job may opt for a two-week locum tenens assignment during the holiday season to supplement their income. Or, a provider interested in traveling to a new city may pursue a two-month assignment during the summer. By working with a locum tenens recruiter, you’ll be able to explore various options to determine which types of assignments are best for you.

Seasonal basis

Does making some extra money during the holidays sound appealing to you? Or, do you want to take on locum tenens work only during the summer months when you have more time to travel? Locum work can be pursued on a seasonal basis depending on your personal preferences and lifestyle. While assignments can vary by length and shift schedule, many providers enjoy the ability to work during specific times of the year. Whether you opt to take shifts around a full-time job or wish to work locum tenens jobs during certain periods for a customized work schedule, locum tenens assignments can be taken on a seasonal basis if that’s what you prefer.

Full-time capacity

Working in the locum tenens field in a full-time capacity is certainly a feasible option. Many providers opt to fill their entire year with locum tenens jobs, often traveling to different towns or cities in the process as an added perk. While locum tenens work is not structured like a full-time job, there is potential to earn the equivalent of a full-time income due to the premium pay rates offered by many assignments. As long are you’re open to continually taking on different assignments and working in a variety of healthcare settings, you can make locum tenens your main form of employment.

When it comes to building a thriving locum tenens career, there are a multitude of assignment options to consider. By identifying your scheduling and lifestyle preferences, you can start the process of finding locum tenens jobs that align most with your personal and professional needs.

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