How to Attract Psychiatrists to Your Facility

Attract Psychiatrists to Your Hospital

With a shortage of physicians, particularly psychiatrists, on the market, many healthcare facilities are struggling to attract psychiatrists to their temp, contract and permanent openings. While there’s no exact science to effective psychiatric recruiting, there are some ways you can set your facility up for hiring success. Here are some tips for attracting psychiatrists to your facility – and retaining them for the long run.

Offer professional development.
Do you offer on-the-job training and mentorship? Do you give your locum tenens physicians a chance to work with a variety of patients with varying conditions? Providing an overview of professional development options offered through your organization will show psychiatrists how they can advance themselves by working at your facility. This can be especially attractive for psychiatrists in between full-time jobs who want to avoid employment gaps on their resumes and maintain an income. It can also make a facility in a less desirable area more attractive to qualified psychiatrists.

Improve your onboarding process.
If your onboarding process is inefficient or disengaging, current employees may be quick to tell their colleagues to avoid applying to your jobs! A focus on improving your onboarding process will help your organization maintain a positive perception among locum tenens candidates who are looking to make a smooth transition into a new job without a major hassle. Remember, referrals can often be the biggest source of top talent. Providing your new hires with positive onboarding experiences will make them more inclined to refer your employment openings to others in the psychiatry field and beyond, helping you develop a better physician hiring pipeline for the future.

Showcase the benefits.
Typically, individuals seeking locum tenens psychiatry positions are in search of jobs where they’ll gain new and exciting opportunities both personally and professionally. In marketing your positions, don’t forget to showcase the many benefits of locum tenens jobs at your organization, such as flexibility and competitive pay. As part of your marketing strategy, you may consider using employee testimonials or videos to promote what makes your organization a unique place to work and develop a psychiatry career.

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