How Travel Physicians Can Stay Fit

Traveling Doctors

If you’re a travel physician who’s constantly on the road for locum tenens assignments, you may find it difficult at times to keep up with a regular fitness regime. However, staying fit during assignments is essential for maintaining optimal health and well-being both personally and professionally. Fortunately, there are many ways travel physicians can stay fit, even in the midst of busy schedules and work shifts. While a traditional workout routine at a gym may not always be available, there are many alternative ways to staying healthy during your travels.

Here are some ideas to get you started:   

Embrace at-home exercise.

Establishing your own workout routine right at your own home (or apartment or hotel room) is often a great replacement for going to a fitness center. To get started, think about the types of activities you enjoy doing at the gym and how you can easily implement these activities where you live. For instance, there are hundreds of yoga and Pilates tutorials online which you can use as a guide. Also, instead of using typical workout equipment, consider using free weights, jump ropes and other exercise devices to get the same physical effects.  

Get outdoors.

Doing a travel assignment in a new town or city gives you the perfect excuse to bring your fitness activities to the great outdoors! Whether it’s hiking through national parks or simply taking a long walk through a village or downtown area, there’s perhaps no better way to get your exercise than by getting your steps in outside. In addition to making fitness more exciting, being outside in the fresh air can offer a great sense of release, improving your mental health and allowing you to decompress from the stresses of work.   

Maintain healthy eating habits.

Staying fit goes beyond exercise, as a significant part of being healthy involves proper nutrition. Taking time to prepare fresh, nutrient-dense meals is important for keeping your immunity and energy levels high throughout the duration of your assignments so you can perform your best. If you find yourself too tired to cook, consider using a healthy meal prep service to deliver your lunches and dinners. This will make it easy to consistently eat healthy, without the hassle of having to plan your meals ahead of time.   

With the right plan and approach, following the steps above will put you on track for achieving optimal physical and mental health during your travel assignments.  

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