Is Locum Tenens Right for You?

Locum Tenens Lifestyle

Thousands of healthcare practitioners each year discover the exciting and lucrative world of locum tenens. From new travel opportunities to valuable employment experience, locum tenens workers are immersed in an entirely different career environment than their counterparts who hold permanent positions. While there’s no “ideal” lifestyle to warrant a locum tenens career, there are factors that make certain individuals more of a fit for the locum tenens path.

It can often be difficult for clinicians to determine whether a locum tenens career is right for them. If you’re on the fence, here are some factors that may influence your decision to pursue the locum tenens lifestyle:

Financial security. If you enjoy the perceived financial stability of a permanent, full-time position, you may be hesitant to consider locum tenens work. However, it’s important to know that locum tenens physicians and advanced practice clinicians are in high demand and these locum jobs offer pay that’s just as competitive as in-house jobs. In fact, depending on the number of locum tenens assignments you take each year, your pay may become equivalent to that of a full-time position.

Family obligations.Many clinicians are reluctant to consider locum tenens jobs due to family responsibilities at home. However, depending on your situation, locum tenens work may still be completely feasible even with a spouse and children. Physicians and advanced practice clinicians often enjoy the flexibility of locum tenens and end up achieving a better work-life balance because they have more time throughout the year to mentally and physically disconnect from their work and focus only on their families during time off. In many cases, providers even choose to bring their spouse or children with them on locum tenens assignments!

You’re nervous about traveling to new places. Despite what you may believe, you don’t need to have the mindset of a world traveler to acclimate to a locum tenens lifestyle. With locum tenens, it’s important to remember you’re in control of where you’re assigned. Therefore, you won’t be given an assignment in Alaska if you prefer to be placed in a warm, tropical climate like Florida. Having the freedom to pick your preferred locations makes the traveling aspect of locum tenens less daunting and gives you an opportunity to work in a place where you’ll find your surroundings most desirable.

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