Learn About the Many Benefits of Locum Tenens

Learn About the Many Benefits of Locum Tenens

When you think of physician roles, locum tenens may not be the first thing that pops in your mind. That’s because many hold normal office hours, just like the rest of us. But more and more medical professionals are choosing the locums life for a variety of reasons. Because burnout among the medical community is so prevalent, many physicians are finding that temporary assignments are not only lucrative and exciting but they offer a better work-life balance. This is why many locum tenens work is becoming so popular. Here’s a deeper look into the benefits of working in locum tenens roles:


One of the biggest reasons locum tenens is so appealing is the amount of flexibility it affords them. Not being tethered to an office day in, day out along with practically being able to choose their own hours has quite the appeal. This gives many physicians a better work-life balance, which is hard to come by in the medical field. Because of this, they may find less risk of burnout allowing for better control over their schedule and time off. Additionally, while some physicians choose to do locum tenens careers full time to have the freedom in their lives, more are choosing to work locum on a part-time basis.

Competitive Pay

Working in locum tenens is great for making extra money on the side, whether it be to have additional funds coming in after retirement, to fund a new expense that popped up, or to pay off those pesky student loans. Whatever the situation, working in locum can be extremely lucrative. Not only are the pay rates of these assignments extremely competitive, but there are usually additional perks. While rates can vary, compared to more permanent positions, some roles offer higher hourly or daily rates, and extra benefits such as travel reimbursement or housing allowances.

Travel Advantages

For those jetsetters, locums are a great way to see the world—and get paid to do it! Getting into locums affords many physicians to either pair their vacations with assignments or have the opportunity to work in diverse locations that are in desperate need of adequate healthcare. These different environments allow for more exposure to various settings and populations.

Professional Development

Working in locum roles can offer a wide range of professional development opportunities, particularly because these physicians will have experience in various healthcare settings. Not only does this allow for networking encounters, but they may encounter a variety of cases or medical technologies that will allow their skills to be developed further. In the long run, growing these particular skills and becoming well-versed in differing technologies could enable locum physicians to become more sought-after and allow them to stay updated on the latest advancements.

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