Can I Have a Locum Tenens Career with a Family?

Locum Tenens Careers

Locum tenens physicians are often go-getters with hopes and dreams of traveling the country while fulfilling their professional aspirations. However, many physicians let their family commitments, or the possibility of having a family, stand in the way of ever pursuing a locum tenens career. While having or planning for a family can certainly have its challenges, it is possible to have a strong family life while working in the locum tenens field. If you’ve found yourself struggling to see how this balance could work for you, here are some things to consider:

Change your perspective on family time. Because of the temporary nature of each locum tenens assignment, many physicians find this helps them better balance their work life with their home life. Even though they may be away on a job for weeks or months at a time, locum tenens physicians can dedicate extended breaks between assignments to uninterrupted family time. Many locum tenens workers use these blocks of time off for planning family vacations, caring for sick relatives or simply staying at home with their children. This type of flexibility often lends itself to better quality time with your family, allowing you to maximize your time outside of work.

Make it a family affair. Many locum tenens physicians view their locum tenens jobs as the perfect opportunities to plan family trips, especially during the summer months. As you look at different assignment locations, consider choosing a destination that would also be well suited to a family vacation, such as Orlando, FL or San Diego, CA. Anywhere that has family-friendly attractions and things to do makes for a great locum tenens location. The best part is this will feel like a paid vacation, as you’ll be earning an income during your travels. The more you can incorporate your family with your locum tenens work, the easier it will be to strike a balance and find your time away from home more enjoyable!

Stay connected. If you opt to accept some assignments that take you away from home and your family for extended periods of time, it’s never been easier to stay connected with your loved ones while on the road. During your assignments, you can have daily face-to-face conversations with your family through video chatting apps like Skype or FaceTime. With so much technology at your fingertips, make a habit of touching base with your family every morning or evening, depending on your shift schedule.

Because of the flexibility afforded by locum tenens work, you can certainly manage a family with a locum tenens schedule – if you prioritize and plan. There’s no need to let a fear of work-life imbalance deter you from having both the family and career of your dreams!

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