Seeking Flexibility? Look No Further Than a Locum Tenens Career!

Flexible Locum Tenens Careers

Are you seeking a flexible work schedule that gives you more control over your life? You may want to start considering employment opportunities with MPLT Healthcare (formerly MedPartners Locum Tenens)! With a locum tenens career, you’ll be afforded a great degree of latitude and flexibility to shape your schedule and professional growth.

Here are some of the many benefits of a locum tenens position:

  • Assignment length. Most locum tenens assignments last between two weeks and two months, and locum tenens physicians can select an assignment length that suits their interests. In some cases, locum tenens physicians may receive permanent offers from their respective facilities. In these circumstances, the option to “test drive” an opportunity benefits both the physician and facility, allowing both parties the chance to determine whether the physician is a good fit for a full-time position.
  • Location. Many physicians who choose a locum tenens career path are those who seek variety in their employment experiences. Whether you choose to work close to home or opt for an assignment in a new city, the freedom to experience a new work environment every few months is very appealing to many physicians. With demand for healthcare employees increasing at facilities throughout the U.S., there are thousands of locum tenens opportunities to explore nationwide.
  • Diverse experience. Whether you’re seeking a permanent opportunity or have committed yourself to a long-term locum tenens career, a locum tenens job allows you diverse employment experiences in which you can focus on patient care and interact with medical colleagues nationwide. Also, depending on your staffing agency, many locum tenens assignments include medical malpractice coverage and travel and housing costs – freeing you from the stress of those expenditures.

Make your dreams of a flexible healthcare career a reality! Discover the many benefits of a locum career and put your future in your own hands.

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