What Can You Expect From the Locum Tenens Lifestyle as a Physician Assistant?

Locum Tenens Lifestyle

While many physician assistants are aware of locum tenens work, many do not fully understand the scope of benefits that come with a locum tenens career. Whether you’ve had a desire to work in a different part of the country or would simply welcome a change of pace, working in a locum tenens capacity can be life-changing both personally and professionally.

Here are some of the things you can expect from a locum tenens lifestyle:

Opportunities to travel the country. Many people aspire to travel, but have work schedules that prevent them from doing so. Locum tenens jobs allow you to take assignments in different healthcare facilities across the country, giving you the opportunity to explore new towns and cities in your spare time.  The freedom to pursue your travels while also earning a full-time income as a physician assistant is one of the most appealing aspects of a locum tenens lifestyle.

Opportunity to “test drive” a job. Unlike a standard permanent position, the ability to work in a variety of assignments gives you an opportunity to “test drive” a job to see if you like a certain facility or location. Maybe you’ve considered moving to an area, but aren’t sure if you’ll find a job there you’ll enjoy. Taking a locum tenens assignment is a way for you to experience working at a healthcare facility in a desired city before deciding if you’d like to work there permanently. This benefit tends to be especially attractive to physician assistants in the early stages of their careers who aren’t entirely sure yet where they’d like to work.

Better work-life balance. If you’re seeking a more flexible schedule, locum tenens work can help you strike a better balance between your career and your personal life. This is because full-time locum tenens work allows you to choose when and where you’d like to work. For example, you may opt to take an assignment in a city near family or friends whom you’d like to visit. Or, you may choose to take an extended break for a long family vacation between two assignments. Many physician assistants also discover locum tenens jobs to be less time-consuming and stressful, as they do not require involvement with paperwork, staffing decisions or department meetings. This reduced workload gives you more time to spend time with loved ones or pursue new hobbies or interests.

Most physician assistants take advantage of the benefits afforded by a locum tenens lifestyle while accelerating their careers. Once you have a locum tenens experience, chances are you’ll never look back.

Are you a physician assistant ready to embark on an exciting locum tenens career?

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