Specialties to Consider as a Locum Tenens Physician

In-Demand Locum Tenens Specialties

Are you in the process of applying for locum tenens positions but unsure what direction to take your locum tenens career? Depending on your area of medical expertise and experience, it’s important to note there are many in-demand locum tenens specialties to consider. Focusing on your areas of interest and expertise during the application process will give you an edge over the competition and ultimately position you for higher-paying locum tenens assignments.

Here are some locum tenens specialties currently in high demand across the country: 

Family medicine

With the national shortage of primary care physicians becoming worse by the year, there’s an ever-growing need for physicians to fulfill locum tenens jobs in the primary care sector. For providers interested in working locum tenens in a “full-time” capacity, many primary care positions are readily available, especially in rural communities where pay is often higher to attract qualified providers. Locum tenens physicians who work in family medicine tend to have numerous job choices, giving them the freedom to travel year-round or stay close to home as they choose.

Emergency medicine

Between physician burnout and increasing patient volume, emergency medicine departments at all types of healthcare facilities are continually facing staffing challenges. Locum tenens physicians with an emergency medicine background are in a prime position to take on a variety of jobs that fit best with their schedules and lifestyle preferences. For instance, many emergency medicine locum tenens providers opt to take assignments during the holidays or long weekends to earn a supplemental income along with their full-time jobs. Other locum tenens providers may be semi-retired and choose only to work a few assignments per year. The benefit to this medical specialty is that there are dozens of different assignment options available to physicians with varying job preferences and scheduling needs.

Internal medicine

Internal medicine physicians serve an invaluable role in hospital settings, so there is always a need for providers to fill these roles. There are many general internal medicine locum tenens opportunities at facilities and positions requiring internal medicine subspecialties that focus on a specific area of internal medicine. If you have a background as a hospitalist treating numerous patient conditions, you likely have the qualifications to work in many different hospital settings. As long as you have a willingness to travel, the ability to handle pressure and adapt to fast-paced healthcare environments, internal medicine jobs can be a great option.

By showcasing your specific area of medical expertise during your locum tenens job search, you’ll earn a competitive advantage on the market, ultimately acquiring assignments that allow you to continue practicing in locum tenens positions that are most professionally rewarding.

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