How Can Locum Tenens Providers Help with Holiday Burnout?

Does your healthcare facility experience major staffing fluctuations during the holidays? Holiday burnout in the healthcare field is real and affects the many providers who are constantly working around the clock to provide lifesaving care. As patient demands often increase during the peak of holiday season, utilizing locum tenens providers can be beneficial when it comes to preventing burnout among full-time staff. Here are some of the ways in which locum tenens providers can help with holiday burnout at your facility:

Critical Support

The holidays can take their toll on everyone, especially healthcare workers who are often overworked during this time. Locum tenens providers can equip healthcare facilities with vital staffing support, especially for ER departments which often go understaffed during the holidays due to flu season and higher patient volumes. Even if your facility is not lacking adequate staffing, supplementing your full-time team with locum tenens providers can relieve your providers of some of this burden, providing them with additional onsite support during long shifts.

Efficient Staffing

It’s common for healthcare facilities to undergo staffing shortages during and after the holiday season, as well as during other peak times throughout the year. When your healthcare facility loses physicians and other providers due to illness or unexpected circumstances, locum tenens workers can provide fast and efficient staffing coverage. This is critical for maintaining high-quality patient care without having to endure lengthy and tedious hiring processes, especially during the holidays when there are less candidates on the market.

Improved Morale

With the holidays often putting extra stress on providers both personally and professionally, the addition of locum tenens providers can boost morale among your entire healthcare team. Your full-time staff will ultimately feel more valued and appreciated by having the help and support of other qualified locum tenens providers who can contribute to a positive, patient-centered environment. As a result, everyone at your healthcare organization will become more engaged and collaborative in providing the best patient outcomes, especially during the holidays.

With holiday burnout being a major cause of healthcare staffing shortages and poor retention rates, investing in a locum tenens workforce can be one of the best decisions for your organization’s bottom line.

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