Strategies to Boost Your Relationship with Your Locum Tenens Recruiter

Locum Tenens Recruiters

As you navigate your locum tenens career, your recruiter will play a significant role in your job prospects and helping you achieve professional goals. A strong relationship with your recruiter can be a tremendous source of support throughout your entire locum tenens career and put you at a competitive advantage over other locum tenens candidates. By taking steps to strengthen your relationship with your recruiter, you’ll position yourself for greater employment success.

Here are three strategies for boosting your relationship with your locum tenens recruiter:

Be honest and transparent. Being honest with your recruiter about your career expectations and the types of assignments you’re seeking is essential to a positive relationship. If you’re not satisfied with a locum tenens opportunity presented to you, articulate your thoughts to your recruiter and be up front – rather than waste the recruiter’s and employer’s time – and your own. Your recruiter can then move forward in assisting you with finding an assignment that matches your preferences.

Communicate. Making a habit of communicating frequently with your recruiter will help them find better placements for you and make your job search easier. Communicating your strengths, weaknesses, career goals, and assignment preferences will allow your recruiter to find the best placements for your needs. On the other hand, failing to communicate or respond to your recruiter’s phone calls or emails will indicate you’re not serious about your career search. By being accessible to your recruiter, you’ll gain quicker access to job opportunities and allow your recruiter to work more efficiently on their end to get the position filled.

Be flexible. One of the best things you can be when working closely with a recruiter is flexible. Remember, it’s a recruiter’s job to fill locum tenens positions for employers. Being open to many assignments – including those involving diverse types of medical facilities or geographic locations – will make you a more appealing candidate and make it easier for your recruiter to find placements for you.

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