Are You Just Finishing Your Residency? Consider Locum Tenens Work!

Locum Tenens After Residency

Temporary assignments are common job choices for many physicians, especially those who aren’t sure what types of permanent positions they’d enjoy. Locum tenens work offers a wide variety of temporary assignments in which physicians can work within different healthcare facilities across the country and garner diverse on-the-job experience.

Immediately following their residencies, many physicians do not know where they’d like to reside for a permanent position. Locum tenens assignments are generally viewed as great opportunities for new physicians who are still figuring out where they’d like to work, as well as the direction of their career paths.

Here are some reasons why new physicians should consider locum tenens work upon completing their residencies:

No long-term or permanent commitments. The beauty of locum tenens work is that it’s temporary in nature; therefore, locum tenens physicians are not required to sign any permanent or long-term contracts at any of the facilities in which they work. Many physicians use a locum tenens assignment to “test drive” a new job before pursuing a full-time position at a respective facility. The ability to work in a setting before being employed there in a full-time capacity can help ensure the physician is making the best decision in terms of fit – something that benefits both the physician and the employer.

Diverse work experience. There’s perhaps nothing more enriching for new physicians than the chance to experience a new city, state or region while working in their field. Most importantly, locum tenens workers are exposed to an array of healthcare settings, giving them extensive work experience as they get their careers off the ground. Many locum tenens physicians discover how marketable they become in the healthcare field after working with so many different professionals and treating such a large span of patients. Locum tenens assignments can certainly be a huge resume booster for any new physician looking to enhance their professional qualifications.

Competitive wages and benefits. Believe it or not, locum tenens physicians typically earn a higher hourly wage than they would in similar permanent positions. This is because temporary physicians are in high demand, especially in rural areas where organizations have a harder time filling permanent positions. In addition, locum tenens physicians usually have all travel, housing and transportation costs covered by their staffing agencies. What many love is the ability to live in an entirely new place while still earning a competitive income – almost making an assignment feel like a paid vacation!

For any physician who has recently completed residency, locum tenens work may be the ideal employment option for the reasons above, among many others. There’s no denying that exploring locum tenens assignments can lead to many exciting career opportunities throughout the country.

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