Traveling with Your Pet: Things You Should Know for Your Locum Tenens Placement

Traveling with Your Pet on Assignment

Have you been considering locum tenens work, but are concerned about bringing your pet along for the ride? While it may require some additional planning, it's certainly possible to travel with a pet, especially on longer locum tenens assignments. In fact, it may make your locum tenens experience more enjoyable!

As you consider next steps in your locum tenens career, here are some key points of consideration:

Lodging and housing accommodations 

As you consider different locum tenens jobs, it’s important to inform your locum tenens recruiter about your pet before you accept an assignment. This is because you’ll require pet-friendly housing accommodations in your new town or city, which can sometimes take a little extra planning depending on where you’ll be temporarily living. This may require some additional legwork for your placement, and your recruiter and the travel team may need more time to find the right housing for your assignment. In general, expect that you’ll have to pay a pet deposit at most housing and apartment complexes. However, pet friendly accommodations have becoming increasingly common, so it’s always worth asking if this is an option.

Transportation and living logistics 

Every animal handles traveling differently, and it's best to keep transportation in mind when considering assignment locations. For instance, if your pet has never been on a long flight before, you may want to avoid air travel until you see how they adapt, or consider assignments within driving distance. You may also consider an assignment that allows you to travel by bus or train if that's more feasible for your pet. Additionally, work with your recruiter on finding assignments in pet-friendly areas. For instance, locum tenens providers with dogs often choose assignments in locations that are walkable and include lots of opportunities for getting outdoors and enjoying parks with their pups.

In addition to these aspects of traveling with pets, it’s important to keep safety in mind by making sure your pet is up to date on vaccinations, wears an ID tag and collar, and is microchipped with up to date information in case of emergency.

Your pet’s personal needs 

Just like people need to acclimate to new surroundings, so do pets. If you're new to the locum tenens field, your pet will also have to adjust to frequently being on the move and visiting new places. While some animals may be stressed by these changes, others enjoy the adventure, so plan according to your pet’s individual needs. If your pet is inclined to be lonely while you’re working, it’s important to take into account how many hours per week you’ll be working on assignment and think ahead of how much time your pet will be alone. If you are away for most of the day, then a good option may be pet resorts or “doggy daycares” in the area that will give them a place to go while you’re at work. This can help keep certain types of pet entertained and happy, especially if your locum tenens shifts are long.

If you’re a pet owner, there’s no reason not to take your animal companion with you on locum tenens assignments. However, doing the proper planning ahead of time will ensure a smooth transition for both you and your pet!

Are you ready to bring your pet along on your locum tenens assignment?

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