Locum Tenens Physician Vs. Permanent Placement

Locum Tenens or Permanent Placement

Are you a physician who’s heard about locum tenens work, but confused about what this career path entails? While there are benefits to working in a locum tenens capacity or choosing permanent placement, it’s important to learn what avenue aligns most with your interests, lifestyle preferences and career goals.

As you explore your options, here’s a breakdown of what sets locum tenens work apart from permanent placements:    


Unlike permanent positions in which physicians have standard full-time hours, locum tenens physicians have the freedom to choose their own work schedules and where they want to work. As a locum tenens physician, you’ll have the flexibility to choose what kind of shifts and the time of year you’d like to take assignments. For instance, you may opt to take locum tenens assignments only during the busy fall and winter months so you can take the summer off. Or, you may choose to work locum tenens shifts on the weekends to earn some extra money. You may also take advantage of the opportunity to travel and get new experiences in different areas of the country. Having this flexibility is something that’s simply not available in most permanent healthcare jobs.

Ability to explore options.

With a permanent position, typically, you'll be employed in one type of medical practice and specialty. If you’re unsure of what path you’re hoping to pursue in the long term, getting stuck in a permanent job can make you feel stunted and unable to expand your horizons or explore new options. With locum tenens work, you’ll have an opportunity to work in a variety of healthcare settings and learn from many medical providers from across the country. There are many types of locum tenens jobs available at both large healthcare facilities and small medical practices, giving you many different placement options to choose from as you explore opportunities.

Enhance your CV.

If you’re in transition and planning to seek a new permanent position in the future, there’s a great value in pursuing locum tenens work in between full-time jobs. Locum tenens assignments offer a wide breadth of experience, allowing you to acquire new skills, learn from mentors and expand your knowledgebase. Over time, locum tenens experience can significantly enhance your CV and make you a more attractive candidate to healthcare employers, setting you apart from the competition  

If the benefits of locum tenens jobs sound appealing, it may be time to make the departure from a permanent position to locum tenens work.

Ready to explore the benefits of a locum tenens career?   

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