Maintaining Relationships as a Locum Tenens Professional

Locum Tenens Travel Work

There’s no denying a locum tenens career offers invaluable opportunities to gain diversified experience in the healthcare field, travel the country and meet hundreds of new people. However, constantly being on the road can present challenges when it comes to maintaining existing relationships. Making a commitment to your relationships when you’re in a new city or town can certainly be difficult, but it’s not impossible. While it’s easy to forget about family, friends and professional contacts back home, remember that your network will always be instrumental to your career growth and work-life balance.

Even during busy locum tenens assignments, here are some important strategies for maintaining personal and professional relationships while traveling:

Connect on social media channels. With access to so many online communications channels, there’s no reason not to keep in touch with those in your network. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram allow users to stay connected with family and friends through the sharing of status updates and photos. In terms of professional relationships, sites like LinkedIn are extremely useful for communicating with former managers, co-workers and colleagues – even when your miles away at a locum tenens job. Being active on social media for even a couple minutes each day will help you stay connected to others in your life.

Strategically plan your locum tenens assignments. One of the most appealing aspects of locum tenens work is the ability to choose what times of year you take assignments. For example, many locum tenens professionals take the summer off, so they can enjoy vacation time with their families. Others often opt to take time off during the fall and early winter, so they can enjoy the holidays at home. Planning your locum tenens assignments this way will allow you to keep important personal commitments with family and friends each year without having to deal with scheduling conflicts.

Incorporate work and play. Traveling the country for locum tenens assignments presents a wonderful opportunity to bring family and friends along for the ride. Consider building your locum tenens career around a summer vacation, in which you can enjoy your new town or city with loved ones when you’re not working shifts. Incorporating fun getaways or excursions throughout the duration of an assignment will give you the chance to share your time off with others while still earning competitive pay – it’s a win-win!

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