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Staffing Your Telemedicine Program

Is your facility currently expanding its telemedicine practice? As many healthcare organizations are increasingly seeking physicians to deliver telemedicine, there’s been a growing demand for top-notch locum tenens providers to fulfill temporary and permanent telehealth roles in addition to in-person assignments. As you build your telemedicine program, here are some of the reasons to pursue a staffing partnership with MPLT Healthcare:

Here's How MPLT Healthcare Can Help

We staff all healthcare specialties

If your facility needs physicians in one or more healthcare specialties for your telemedicine program, MPLT Healthcare can source providers that directly match your demands. We source providers from a multitude of healthcare specialties nationwide, placing highly qualified physicians and advanced practice clinicians in locum, locum-to-perm, and direct hire staff positions. Our expert recruiting team always strives to find providers that can meet your facility’s staffing needs in the most efficient and effective way.

Licensing and medical credentialing

At MPLT Healthcare, we work hard to ensure all providers placed with your facility meet all required licensing and medical credentialing standards. We have an in-depth medical credentialing process which adheres to the highest standards in the industry according to The Joint Commission, NAMSS, and NALTO. Our credentialing specialists are subject matter experts in hospital privileging, licensing, and compact licensure. By sourcing coverage through MPLT Healthcare, you can rest assured that all providers assigned to your facility’s telemedicine practice or other staffing areas will have the necessary credentials to serve your patient population.

Longstanding expertise

Our specialized recruiters have the experience and expertise to deliver superior staffing outcomes for your facility’s telemedicine staffing needs. With a reputation for excellence in healthcare staffing, MPLT Healthcare has the knowledge, resources, and proven industry commitment to handle the increasing demands of our clients’ ever-changing staffing needs. This makes us highly equipped to source providers with the qualifications to work in a telemedicine capacity and provide high-level patient care for your facility.

If you’re seeking qualified locum tenens providers for your facility’s telemedicine program, partnering with MPLT Healthcare can be an asset to your workforce while improving your hiring outcomes.

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