Physician Assistants: Why is a Locum Tenens Career a Good Fit?

Physician Assistant Careers

If you’ve pursued a career as a physician assistant (PA), you’ve likely explored employment opportunities in a variety of medical environments. However, you may have never considered embarking on a locum tenens career as a PA. A locum tenens career tends to be a great fit for physician assistants in all stages of their careers. Whether you’re a recent graduate or soon approaching retirement, a locum tenens path can offer many benefits that aren’t afforded by most permanent, full-time positions.

Here are some of the many reasons a locum tenens career may be the perfect fit:

Change of pace. If you’re a PA who enjoys a regular change of pace in your work, locum tenens jobs can be very fulfilling. Unlike a full-time job in which you’re stationed at one organization, you’ll be able to explore many new healthcare facilities across the country every few months. If you’re a recent graduate, this can also be especially helpful as you explore different medical specialties and determine what type of healthcare setting appeals to you most.

Flexibility. Working in the healthcare industry can be stressful, often leaving little time to spend with family and friends. A flexible schedule can help to ease everyday pressures that come with a PA job, allowing you to take locum tenens assignments around personal commitments, such as family vacations or summer breaks. Having control over your work schedule to a certain degree can make it easier to juggle your professional life with your personal life, ultimately leading to greater job satisfaction.

Valuable learning experiences. Because no two healthcare facilities operate the same, each locum tenens job offers a unique experience to learn something new. PAs who want to grow their resumes and develop their skills typically find locum tenens jobs to be beneficial for their professional growth. Furthermore, PAs interested in eventually landing a full-time job can acquire many references throughout their locum tenens career.

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