How Part-time Physicians Can Help Ease Healthcare Staffing Shortages

Healthcare facilities of all sizes across the U.S. are increasingly experiencing staffing shortages, which continue to affect many aspects of their operations – from management and culture to patient care outcomes. As they look for solutions, healthcare employers are discovering the benefits of part-time physicians in maintaining adequate coverage. Here some of the ways in which part-time physicians can make a positive impact on healthcare staffing shortages:

Flexible Scheduling

As demand fluctuates throughout the year, healthcare facilities can often benefit from a flexible staffing model. Part-time physicians can usually switch hours or take on extra hours when their employer either needs additional staff or interim providers during times of higher turnover. Part-time shifts can accommodate more flexible scheduling needs, allowing facilities to maintain an adaptive environment that meets the needs of patients without being a costly financial drain to its bottom line.

Reducing Burnout

Adding part-time physicians to any medical team enables facilities to reduce burnout amongst full-time staff. That’s because part-time physicians provide major support to permanent physicians, especially during peak times of the year when patient volume is at its highest. From the ability to supplement busy work schedules to the flexibility to work over the holidays, part-time staff can be instrumental in alleviating the stress often endured by full-time providers, ultimately improving organizational culture overall.

Enhancing Patient Care

One of the most underrated aspects of hiring part-time physicians is tapping into their ability to enhance patient care. With patient satisfaction being a top priority for many healthcare facilities and providers alike, supplementing permanent staff with part-time physicians allows for the delivery of more comprehensive care, especially in the case that a provider needs to be out of the office unexpectedly. This ensures the continuity of excellent healthcare, which has a direct effect on a facility’s productivity and financial well-being.

As outlined above, part-time physicians can make monumental contributions to healthcare systems, serving as valuable assets to all types of medical teams.

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