Physician Assistants: Make Your Own Schedule with Locum Tenens Work

Locum Tenens Physician Assistants PAs

Most permanent, full-time physician assistant (PA) positions require a strict set of hours, offering little to no scheduling flexibility for PAs seeking a greater work-life balance or more diversity in their work. Many PAs are surprised to learn about the option of locum tenens work, in which they can take on temporary assignments on the road that fit with their own schedule and interests. Locum tenens physician assistants are in high demand at hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the country, as many areas are struggling with a labor shortage or have temporary vacancies that need to be filled immediately.

If you’re a PA who’s craving a different type of career experience, locum tenens may be the ideal path for your career. Here are some of the flexibility benefits of taking on locum tenens work:

Creating your own schedule. One of the most desirable benefits of locum tenens is the ability to decide when and where you’d like to work. Because locum tenens workers make their own schedules, you’ll have the opportunity to choose shifts that coincide with your personal commitments, such as scheduled family vacations. Unlike a full-time job, many locum tenens PAs opt to take assignments only during the fall and winter months, so they have the summer off.

Working part-time or weekend shifts. Often PAs who take on locum tenens assignments also continue working their full-time jobs. If you’re looking to make some extra money, consider adding a couple of locum tenens shifts to your schedule each month or during the holiday season. With this option, you can choose only contracts that work with your full-time schedule and are in your geographic vicinity.

Taking a gap year. If you’re a recent PA graduate, you may be inclined to take a gap year before pursuing full-time employment, so you can explore different medical settings. The beauty about locum tenens assignments is you’ll be able to start making money immediately after graduation while determining where you’d like to work!  

Learn about locum tenens opportunities through MPLT Healthcare (formerly MedPartners Locum Tenens) and start enjoying a more flexible work schedule!