How to Reduce Stress While Traveling on Locum Tenens Assignments

Locum Tenens Traveling

Are you gearing up for a locum tenens assignment, but aren’t sure what to expect? Adapting to locum tenens traveling can certainly be stressful and has its challenges. Fortunately, you can combat travel-related stress by planning ahead and getting yourself organized before leaving for your assignment. Here are some important tips for preparing ahead and setting yourself up for success:

Organize and prepare important information ahead of time. Sometimes it’s the seemingly small things that can cause the most stress when preparing for a new assignment. Organizing all your important documents and information ahead of time is one of the most helpful things you can do to ease your stress and be prepared for your new work and living arrangements. Some of the items you’ll need to have on hand include a valid driver’s license; your recruiter’s contact information; your flight schedule (if applicable); rental car reservation; directions to your new apartment/hotel; public transportation information; parking details; and the name(s) of the people whom you’ll be meeting with at your new facility. Having this information easily accessible will be key in navigating your new arrangements and getting started on the right foot.

Set your lifestyle priorities. No matter who you are, changing your surroundings suddenly and having to adjust to entirely new living arrangements can throw your daily routine off course. As you get ready for any new assignment, it’s a good idea to think about your schedule and living priorities. For example, do you exercise daily? Then you may want to do some research and identify some gyms in the area close to where you’ll be living. Being mindful of your health and wellness as you get ready will help you achieve a work-life balance on the road and better manage your schedule once you’re working in your new job.

Maintain regular communication with your recruiter. For any locum tenens assignment, you should have one key point of contact at your locum tenens staffing firm. Be sure to touch base regularly as you prepare for your assignment so you’re fully informed about what to expect at your new facility. Take notes during phone calls with your recruiter and use your agency as your main resource for questions or concerns that may arise when you’re away. Maintaining communication with your recruiter by phone and email will ultimately make the transition into your new assignment more manageable.

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