Showcase Your Knowledge & Experience During Your Interview

Interviewing as a Physician

Once you’ve been screened and vetted by your staffing agency for a locum tenens position, chances are you’ll be expected to interview with the healthcare facility itself. It’s important you’re prepared to sell your skills, expertise and qualifications to show the organization how you’d be a valuable asset to their medical team. Here are interview tips for how you can effectively showcase your expertise to a healthcare facility:

Show you’ve done your research. Before your interview, spend at least an hour researching the facility’s website so you understand its overarching mission, culture and environment. Think about how your career goals as a provider align with the organization and be prepared to discuss how you’re a fit for the facility’s workplace. Drawing the connection between the organization and your personal and professional values will resonate with the employer and make you a more memorable candidate in the talent pool.

Highlight your unique strengths. Rather than generalize your qualifications, show a healthcare facility exactly what you bring to the table as a locum tenens physician. For example, do you have a range of experience working in different medical settings? Do you have multiple certifications and areas of specialty? Have you worked extensively with different medical teams? Do you have a unique connection to the area or the patient population that make you better suited to the role than other candidates? As you answer questions throughout your interview, provide specific examples of how you’ve leveraged your strengths in past roles, whether locum tenens or perm.

Demonstrate your passion. When it comes to filling locum tenens jobs, healthcare facilities are seeking physicians who have a true passion for helping patients. Shedding light on why you entered the medical field and why you’ve decided to pursue locum tenens work can be a powerful way to demonstrate your drive to take on new challenges and work towards optimal patient care outcomes. Going beyond the technical aspects of medicine and showing a bit of your personal side will ultimately set you apart from other locum tenens candidates.

Getting ready for your next interview? Keeping these tips in mind will allow you to prepare for your interview in a strategic yet meaningful way.

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