Soft Skills Locum Tenens Providers Need to be Successful

Soft Skills for Success

The demand for locum tenens providers across the country has led many healthcare facilities to actively seek candidates with top-notch qualifications. However, with so much emphasis on candidates’ credentials and experience, it may be easy to forget that soft skills – commonly referred to as “people skills” – are also extremely important for a successful locum tenens career. Whether you’re just starting your locum tenens journey or are a seasoned locum tenens pro, there’s always room to improve your soft skills in the workplace. Here are three of the most important soft skills for physicians in the locum tenens industry:

Communication. When starting any new assignment, you’ll be expected to communicate and work with many new healthcare providers – many of whom will have a different approach to teamwork. Your ability to communicate in an effective and professional manner is key to your successful transition into the team, as you’ll need to clearly articulate your questions and interpret feedback from others about your performance. You’ll also need to adjust to the communication styles of the team which could be reflective of a culture you’re not accustomed to from previous employment.

Adaptability. As healthcare facilities and medical units vary by assignment, adaptability is key to excelling as a locum tenens professional. Adaptability is critical for working well alongside others and being able to perform in a way that meets the needs of your medical unit. It also comes into play with using a new EHR system and other in-house platforms used by the healthcare facility. Adjusting to new technology, even when it’s unfamiliar to you, will allow you to better adapt to the protocols and procedures at your new assignment.

Willingness to learn. No matter how knowledgeable or experienced you may be, every locum tenens job is different and will require you to learn new practices and procedures. Having a willingness to learn and grow as a professional is a vital skill for succeeding in the locum tenens industry – and continuously getting new referrals for future jobs. Being open-minded, asking intelligent questions and developing positive working relationships are core components of a locum tenens professional who’s eager to learn and further develop their competencies.

Though your experience and knowledge will always be valued by employers, your soft skills are just as important for long-term success in the locum tenens field. Making it a priority to focus on your soft skills will serve you well as you grow as a professional.

Do you have the soft skills to excel in the locum tenens field?

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