CRNAs – Are You Suffering From Burnout?

Locum Tenens CRNA Jobs

With staffing shortages in the healthcare industry becoming more prevalent, and increased labor demands, certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) are feeling more pressure than ever to maximize their performance on the job. If you’re a CRNA suffering from career burnout, you may be tempted to quit, change careers, or take an early retirement. However, if you haven’t considered locum tenens jobs, there are many benefits of this lifestyle you may want to explore before calling it quits. As a way to escape burnout and experience more career fulfillment, here are some of the reasons to consider a locum tenens career path:

Change of pace.After several years of working at the same healthcare facility, many CRNAs crave a chance of pace. Working in a locum tenens capacity affords you the opportunity to be employed at a new facility every couple of months, allowing you to experience different healthcare environments and cultures across the county. Transitioning to a new state or city every few months can be an invigorating experience for many CRNAs, as they never get bored in their jobs and enjoy gaining exposure to many types of practices, small facilities or large hospitals.

Freedom to pursue other interests. It’s common for CRNAs who are approaching retirement to seek employment later in life that gives them some freedom and flexibility. With a locum tenens career, CRNAs work temporary positions throughout the year that allow them flexibility to explore new hobbies or interests. Along these lines, many CRNAs gravitate towards locum tenens employment for the simple fact that it allows them to travel to new parts of the U.S. while earning a paycheck! For example, a locum tenens candidate interested in taking up watersports can choose to work in coastal cities. The ability to tailor your healthcare career around your interests is one of the top perks enjoyed by locum tenens workers.

Earn competitive pay. Unlike many temporary jobs, locum tenens work does not require you to take a significant pay cut from that of your full-time job. In fact, depending on your medical specialty and desired location, many healthcare facilities are willing to pay competitive salaries to workers to attract them to their openings. By working closely with a recruiting agency, you can identify locum tenens jobs that align with your pay requirements and other preferences.

Whether you’re nearing retirement or simply searching for a more rewarding career, these are just some of the many reasons it may be in your best interest to pursue locum tenens as a career avenue.

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