How to Take Advantage of Time Off as a Locum Tenens Provider

If you work as a locum tenens provider, you may feel compelled to continually take on new jobs and opportunities – and with good reason! The travel and excitement of locum tenens jobs, as well as the premium pay rates, make it hard to step away, even for a short time. However, using time off to your advantage can improve not only your healthcare career, but also your wellbeing. Here are some tips for taking advantage of your time off as a locum tenens provider:

Set boundaries.

Even if you tend to select locum tenens assignments based on your travel plans, sometimes it’s necessary to take time off strictly for vacation purposes. Setting boundaries for yourself when it comes to when and where you take assignments – and making sure to block off at least a few weeks each year for vacation – will allow you to take quality time off that’s free from all work-related distractions. Making a habit of setting boundaries is critical for maintaining a locum tenens schedule that affords a healthy work-life balance.

Rest and rejuvenate.

With locum tenens jobs being fast-paced and highly engaging, it’s important to use your time off to rest and rejuvenate. Whether you choose to stay at home or travel somewhere new, finding time to focus solely on yourself and your mental health is key for recharging so that you can return to the healthcare workforce feeling energized and motivated. During your time off, be sure to disconnect from technology and remove yourself from any work-related communications that don’t require your immediate attention.

Plan time off in advance.

Unfortunately, failing to plan ahead may result in a lack of any meaningful personal time off. While it may require some logistics and coordination, scheduling designated time off during the course of the year will ensure that you get the downtime you need. By planning vacations at least a few months in advance and notifying your staffing agency about any upcoming travel arrangements, you’ll secure your time off without feeling anxious or guilty.

Remember, no matter how much you love your job, taking time off is always important for your physical and mental health! With the tips above, you can strategically plan ahead and make the most of your time away from locum tenens work.

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