Telemedicine is the Future – and the Future is Now

Telemedicine is the Future

Although telehealth has been around for a while, the coronavirus pandemic has rapidly accelerated its adoption by facilities, insurers, providers, and patients alike. Where it was a bit of an afterthought for many in the past, it has now soared to the forefront as a great way for patients to continue receiving care from the safety and comfort of their own homes. Here are some of the reasons why your healthcare facility should consider expanding telehealth options.

Telemedicine Benefits Patients

Access to medical care right on a smartphone or computer is an essential part of today’s world. While it may not fit every medical situation, it’s a great way to help patients with routine care that doesn’t warrant an office visit or help screen patients before bringing them in. As many areas continue to recommend physical distancing for at least some of the population due to coronavirus, telehealth can help limit contact that might put especially vulnerable patients at risk. It also gives your patients more flexibility to be seen, saves them time, and can help cut down on missed visits. This can be a great advantage for populations that have difficulty traveling to your facility or those juggling childcare and work responsibilities. The convenience of virtual medicine can make it an appealing option for patients, especially during the current climate.

Advantages for Your Facility

If your facility is in an area currently practicing physical distancing, telehealth can help your team continue to care for patients from afar and bring in revenue for their care. It’s also highly important that patients maintain access to vital care and are able to speak with knowledgeable providers who can help them determine whether they need to come in for an in-person visit instead. Additionally, telehealth can be a great way for doctors to continue checking in on patients for follow-up care that might not require hands-on examination. Furthermore, telemedicine can be a very cost-effective means of providing care since it cuts down on office use and does not require specialized equipment as most patients and providers have a phone for calls, and many can do video chats via apps. These aspects of telemedicine make it a great option for facilities that need to ramp up a program without a large investment.

Staffing Your Program Made Easy

At the heart of your program are your clinicians. These telemedicine providers can include a wide range of physician specialties, as well as physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and more to help with different types of patients and their requests. Utilizing a trusted staffing partner to help you find experienced and knowledgeable staff is an excellent way to quickly fill your program with the right people. Although it doesn’t require much in the way of special equipment, you can get your program going faster if you have staff who are familiar with working as telemedicine providers and used to helping patients in a remote capacity. Whether you want permanent staff for the program or locum tenens providers who can fill in on a temporary basis while you ramp up, the right staffing partner can help you find the people you need.

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