Tips for Battling Physician Burnout

In today’s workforce, it’s become evident that burnout is rampant in all industries, especially the healthcare field as physicians face enormous pressure and stress on a regular basis. The pandemic has especially influenced this trend, with nearly 62 percent of physicians reporting feelings of burnout in a recent survey conducted by the American Medical Association (AMA). Employers that take steps toward preventing physician burnout can improve retention levels while creating better working environments for their entire staff. As the burden of healthcare jobs continues to take its toll on providers everywhere, here are some tips for effectively battling physician burnout at your facility:

Warning Signs

Burnout often occurs long before physicians even notice the many effects it has on their personal and professional lives. Educating physicians on how to identify the warning signs of burnout is the first line of defense for combatting burnout at its core. This involves helping physicians understand the physical and mental symptoms of extreme stress and instructing them on how to address these problems before they have toxic effects on their work performance and quality of life. For instance, some red flags may include extreme fatigue, reduced confidence, a change in appetite, or difficulty sleeping.

Organizational Culture

In addition to empowering physicians to recognize burnout, employers must proactively address the causes of burnout within their organizations. This involves making intentional internal changes to improve work-life balance amongst your staff. Some solutions for burnout prevention may include implementing flexible work schedules, establishing a mentorship program, and using a temporary staffing model to support full-time providers.

Technology Use

Investing in healthcare management platforms can help providers complete administrative tasks more efficiently, greatly reducing their workloads and allowing more time to fulfill other critical responsibilities related to the treatment of patients. Some of the functions offered by these technologies include access to electronic prescriptions and computerized disease registries. There are a multitude of platforms and systems that enable providers to work with greater accuracy and productivity, without getting bogged down in tedious tasks that cause unnecessary stress during shifts.

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