Top Locum Tenens Interview Tips

Locum Tenens Interview Tips

Do you have a locum tenens interview coming up, but aren’t sure what to expect? If you’re new to locum tenens interviews, you may be uncertain of how to approach questions and what you should share about yourself with recruiters. Though it may sound cliché, the best way to tackle a locum tenens interview is to “be yourself.” Locum tenens jobs are very different from full-time roles, as they involve extensive traveling and essentially a huge lifestyle shift. To have a successful locum tenens career, it’s imperative that both you and your recruiter are on the same page! Check out these helpful tips for making the most of your locum tenens interviews:

Know what you want. Too often healthcare providers decide to embark on a locum tenens job search without really knowing what they want from the experience. When interviewing, it’s critical you express to the recruiter what you’re seeking. Do you want to live in a new city every three months? Are you looking to grow your professional skills in diverse healthcare settings? Do you want temporary work to fill an employment gap or keep your caseload up? Whatever it is, be direct about what you’re looking for, so your recruiter gets to know what you want out of locum tenens assignments.

Ask informed questions. A locum tenens interview should be treated as a two-way conversation and it’s important you ask at least a few well-informed questions. Some of the factors to inquire about may include salary, benefits, travel and lodging arrangements for assignments, and geographic placements, among others. The more information you acquire, the easier it will be for you to determine the best locum tenens staffing firm for your career.

State your professional goals. Being honest about what you hope to achieve from your locum tenens experience will allow the recruiter to find the locum tenens opportunities that best match your professional aspirations. For example, are you a recent graduate hoping to take on just one locum tenens assignment before pursuing a full-time job? Is your goal to work in a certain type of healthcare setting for experience? Be sure to say so.

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