How to Make a Smooth Transition into Locum Tenens

Transitioning to Locum Tenens

Have you recently left your full-time job to start locum tenens work? While this is certainly an exciting career move, the transition from a permanent position to a locum tenens career can be a stressful time for many professionals. Like any change in life, you must be prepared to navigate everything that comes along with leaving an employer and becoming acclimated with a new type of employment. As you make the transition from your permanent job to locum tenens assignments, here are some helpful practices to put into action:

Stay organized and keep track of paperwork.As you get started seeking locum tenens opportunities, you’ll want to keep track of all your paperwork and job application materials. Organization will be paramount once you land your first locum tenens job. In the midst of getting ready for your first assignment, it can be overwhelming sorting through all the documents involved in the hiring and placement process – including but not limited to your recruiters’ contact information; orientation information; and documents pertaining to your travel and living arrangements. For the sake of your transition (and your sanity), it’s best to keep all these materials in one central file where you can refer to them as needed.

Utilize your recruiter as a trusted resource. When it comes to embarking on your locum tenens career, using your recruiter as a trusted resource and guide is key to successfully navigating this process. From finding assignments to signing on the dotted line, your recruiter will be a crucial part of every stage of the locum tenens process, including securing placements; handling travel arrangements; connecting you with new opportunities, and facilitating all communication between you and providers. For these reasons, among many others, developing a strong relationship with your recruiter is critical for helping you establish a launchpad for your locum tenens career.

Get clear on your work-life balance goals. Because of the flexible nature of locum tenens, many physicians who enter the field already have a sense of how their lives will change. However, working in a locum tenens capacity can take some getting used to, as you’ll be traveling frequently for assignments. Before entering the field, you must be clear about how much time you want to spend working and how much time you’d like to reserve for your personal life. This requires a certain level of planning so you can schedule your locum tenens assignments around your personal commitments.

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