How to Travel to Locum Tenens Assignments with Pets

Have you been hesitant to pursue travel assignments because of a pet you don’t want to leave behind? There’s good news! With the right planning, you’ll be happy to know you can bring your furry friends along for the ride! While having pets certainly adds another layer of preparation, it is entirely feasible to be a pet owner and a locum tenens provider. Here are three major tips for navigating locum tenens assignments with pets:  

Communicate with Your Recruiter

As you get started working with your recruiter, be sure to inform them you’ll be traveling with pets. Your recruiter will need to make pet-friendly travel and lodging accommodations, so you don’t experience any hiccups moving to your new city and transitioning into your new assignment. This may sound simple, but many hotels and corporate condos have restrictions on pets. In many cases, you’ll have to pay a pet deposit and inform your housing complex about what type of pet you have (size, breed, etc.). Typically, your locum tenens recruiter will be able to make travel and housing arrangements that are pet-friendly, as long as you give them enough notice.  

Be Mindful of Travel Concerns

Depending on your mode of transportation, your pet may not do well on long road trips or a flight. For instance, if you have a new puppy or an elderly animal, extensive travel may not be conducive, being stressful and tiring for your pet. Before embarking on an assignment, consider doing some minimal traveling with your pet to see how they handle the transition. Doing some test runs will allow you to see firsthand how your pet handles travel conditions, giving you a sense of how they’d handle a long-term trip.  

Consider Your Pet’s Travel History 

If your pet has done minimal or no traveling, you may want to re-think having its first travel experience be a locum tenens assignment. Pets that are alone for the first time in foreign surroundings can easily get scared and lonely. Because you’ll be working for large chunks of time at your locum tenens job, you may want to take preventive measures to ensure your pet adjusts to its new home. There are many pet resorts and “doggy daycares” at most cities you can use to watch your pet while you’re at work. This is a great option, especially if you have long shifts and don’t want your pet home alone for long amounts of time.   

Fortunately, it’s entirely possible to bring pets along on your locum tenens journey. In fact, a pet can prove to be a great companion during your assignments, keeping you company and helping you feel right at home!    

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